The charitable Philocultura Trust was founded in the early 1990s with the aim of promoting cultural awareness and has for several years been involved in the maintenance of Schloß Lekow.

The Manor lies in a 25-hectare park surrounded by the picturesque and gently rolling countryside of Pomerania. The park itself lies on the shores of the mysterious and beautiful Lake Lekow – perfect for swimming, rowing and fishing. Visitors to Schloß Lekow also have the opportunity to experience all the seasons’ delights – be it the long warm summer evenings in the park or whilst rambling across snow-covered fields in winter! It is still possible in this day and age to appreciate life in a typical Pomeranian manor house. Whereas the house has all the modern amenities, the rooms themselves are heated with “Kachelöfen” – tile clad wood burning stoves (typical of country houses in Pomerania) or with large open fireplaces. There is also always someone on hand at the house to tend to the fireplace as well as someone to take care of the large Pomeranian kitchen.

During your stay at Schloß Lekow we can offer you well maintained and tastefully furnished bedrooms as well as the use of the principal drawing rooms. In addition there are also a number of events held at the Manor such as our annual summer concert, summer and winter balls and reading parties. There is also the stunningly beautiful countryside, which can be enjoyed in every season and an atmosphere that lives and breathes the aristocratic and rural spirit of a bygone age. Indeed here at Schloß Lekow over seven hundred years of German history and culture in Pomerania and the Neumark can be appreciated once again.

In addition for lovers of art the Manor boasts of a spectacular collection of paintings and woodcuts, an extensive library of predominantly German books, a music room with a grand piano as well as beautifully decorated rooms suitable for meeting and talking or just for quite contemplation. In the “hunting room” for example you can sit by the open fireplace and dream of the past or get deep into conversations or just think or listen to music.

You can also let us take you to see what is left of the grand old German houses in the area. Of particular interest are the remains of the façade of Schloß Stargordt or the ruins of the Molstow Manor (in the district of Regenwalde) whose neoclassical architecture was designed by the famous Berlin studio of Karl Friederich Schinkel in 1810 and was based on that of nearby Schloß Lekow.

We would be delighted if you could help support the work of the Philocultura Trust in maintaining and restoring the park and house and we invite you to see how the Trust makes use of charitable donations. At any time you can come and discover how your donation has been put to appropriate use. You will always be welcomed to stay with us at Schloß Lekow, which it is our aim to preserve, and to fill it with life.

Boat on Lake Lekow
Music Hall
Old blacksmith's workshop